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Competitive Credit Sales for Wetlands Mitigation, Contact us to purchase Compensatory Mitigation Credits for your next Project, Holistic Land Management Services
We take a holistic approach to land management including wetlands mitigation, natural resources, and leases, Solutions for wetlands Mitigation; We assist Land Owners with establishing Wetlands Mitigation Banks on their Properties, We Purchase Farmland and other properties with a goal towards conservation management, we purchase farmland for Mitigation Banks and other Conservation Uses

Mitigation Bank Sponsor Services

Heritage is also in the Mitigation Banking Business. As such, we can serve as an Agent which works with our clients in structuring, permitting and establishing the bank as well as selling the credits. In some cases we purchase the property, establish the bank and act as the Bank Sponsor. As the Bank Sponsor we are responsible for the overall operation and management of the bank in accordance with the terms of the banking instrument, including the preparation and distribution of monitoring reports and accounting statements/ledger, as necessary. As the Sponsor we are also responsible for ensuring the future integrity of the bank. As part of our sponsor services, we negotiate fee sharing and assumption of certain responsibilities with our clients.