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Competitive Credit Sales for Wetlands Mitigation, Contact us to purchase Compensatory Mitigation Credits for your next Project, Holistic Land Management Services
We take a holistic approach to land management including wetlands mitigation, natural resources, and leases, Solutions for wetlands Mitigation; We assist Land Owners with establishing Wetlands Mitigation Banks on their Properties, We Purchase Farmland and other properties with a goal towards conservation management, we purchase farmland for Mitigation Banks and other Conservation Uses

Holistic Land Management

Heritage embraces a traditional business approach to conservation as all natural resources have monetary value, and takes an all-inclusive view of large land holdings to develop a comprehensive land management program. Such programs are based on regulatory-driven initiatives that incorporate applicable science and engineering to achieve economic efficiency and return to the land owner. Heritage takes a different approach than traditional Wetland Mitigation Bank companies, in that we partner with our clients for a holistic approach to land management to include Wetlands Mitigation, Natural Resource Retention, Conservation Strategies and other opportunities based on feasibility, return on investment, market conditions, trending, and individual client needs. We view ourselves as a strategic partner who helps to maximize the return on investment while adhering to our clients’ goals for future uses of the property.

Heritage provides a team of experts with specific knowledge in sustainable land management practices including engineering, wetlands consulting, natural resource management, finance, program management, oil and gas, and construction. In regard to mitigation banking, our team members have been instrumental in the successful implementation of over 16 mitigation banks in Louisiana. Our unique approach makes our experienced staff an ideal partner to maximize the return on investment for our clients.