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Competitive Credit Sales for Wetlands Mitigation, Contact us to purchase Compensatory Mitigation Credits for your next Project, Holistic Land Management Services
We take a holistic approach to land management including wetlands mitigation, natural resources, and leases, Solutions for wetlands Mitigation; We assist Land Owners with establishing Wetlands Mitigation Banks on their Properties, We Purchase Farmland and other properties with a goal towards conservation management, we purchase farmland for Mitigation Banks and other Conservation Uses

Permitting / Regulatory Assistance

Heritage is a valuable partner in any infrastructure project from conceptual design through construction. Our team has years of experience in industrial development, pipeline construction, residential and commercial developments, civil works projects, and other large-scale projects. We assist our clients throughout the regulatory process by conducting regulatory meetings, advising on permitting strategies and minimizing permit requirements through alternative construction analysis. We have deep-rooted experience and solid connections with the regulatory agency personnel allowing us to provide sound representation of our clients. A typical project can require Section 404 wetlands permitting, coastal zone permitting, scenic rivers permitting as well as Environmental Impact Assessments and other requirements.

Heritage starts the permitting process by conducting a teleconference with the client to review the project concept, any wetland data reports, site evaluations and other data. Following client approval, Heritage engages the regulatory agencies to start the permitting process. These preliminary meetings are crucial to determining the agency concerns and in preparing a strategy for final project design and permit application.

Heritage then prepares Section 404/10 permit applications and drawings as well as other permit applications for the proposed construction activities. In some cases, a project may qualify under a Nationwide Permit (NWP) which will significantly accelerate the approval process.